Laboratoire Cattier
Laboratoire Cattier
Best-selling French natural baby brand since 1968.
Laboratoire Cattier
Best-selling French natural baby brand now offers award -winning botanical skincare. Cattier’s Secret Botanique won the People’s Choice Award in France for Beauty Product of the Year in 2007. Need we say more?

Reason To Believe
Famous for pure and gentle baby products and natural clay, Cattier is considered a “doyenne” of the French organic and natural beauty scene. Long a favorite of the cognoscenti, Cattier is sold in  pharmacies as well as in the hip new Naturalia natural beauty stores in Paris. Certified natural.
Straightforward, sincere, yet still sexy. Reasonably priced. Definitely worth it!

Laboratoire Cattier | Best selling French Natural & Organic Beauty Brand

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