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Laboratoire Cattier
Laboratoire Cattier
Best-selling French natural baby brand since 1968.
Laboratoire Cattier
Best-selling French natural baby brand now offers award -winning botanical skincare. Cattier’s Secret Botanique won the People’s Choice Award in France for Beauty Product of the Year in 2007. Need we say more?

Reason To Believe
Famous for pure and gentle baby products and natural clay, Cattier is considered a “doyenne” of the French organic and natural beauty scene. Long a favorite of the cognoscenti, Cattier is sold in  pharmacies as well as in the hip new Naturalia natural beauty stores in Paris. Certified natural.
Straightforward, sincere, yet still sexy. Reasonably priced. Definitely worth it!

Laboratoire Cattier | Best selling French Natural & Organic Beauty Brand

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More About Cattier

Cattier has been in the business of organic cosmetic industry for over four decades. Pierre Cattier set up Laboratoire Cattier in 1968 in France. Cattier was deeply captivated by the idea of alternative medicine so he involved himself in the creating clay-based products. His products have both medicinal as well as cosmetic value.

Cattier, a visionary, taught many of his contemporaries the use of simple and natural ingredients. Today Laboratoire Cattier is a renowned and award winning organic brand in natural beauty care industry. Cattier is also famous as the best-selling natural baby brand in France.

Laboratoire Cattier makes products which are straightforward, sincere yet sexy, reasonably priced. Each product is worth it!

Cattier is especially popular among the masses for its range of pure and gentle baby products. Laboratoire Cattier's natural clay products are sold in pharmacies and its trendy Naturalia - natural beauty store, across Paris.

Different products in the range of cosmetic care, hygiene, baby care, clay, perfumes and insect repellents are available at Laboratoire Cattier. Cattier's cosmetic care product line includes face care, body care, feet care, vegetable oils, young skin care, hand care, shea butter and wooz.

Laboratoire Cattier hygiene care products include hair care, intimate hygiene, aseptic, bath and oral hygiene. Baby care includes bath, nappy change, care and cleansing.

Clay line of Cattier includes bulk, masks and scrubs and ready to use. Cattier Laboratory's perfume range includes eau boisee, eau de mai, eau du matin, eau champetre, eau de province and eau du verger.

All the products of Laboratoire Cattier will make you feel naturally beautiful. Your skin will glow and feel gentle. You will smell pleasant and your personality will boast of an effective change.

Laboratoire Cattier uses carefully selected natural and organic ingredients to compliment your beauty. Organic farming methods are used to produce some of Cattier's ingredients. Ingredients used in Cattier products are aloe vera, alcohol denat, algae, argan, bamboo, beechbud, blackcurrant seed, black wheat wax, bromelain, calendula, chamomile, camphor, carrot, citric acid and clay.

Clove tree flower, coco, cornflower, cotton, DMS, eucalyptus, evening primrose, glycerin, grapefruit, jojoba, lavender, mandarin, menthol, sage and vinegar plant among other ingredients are also used.

Cattier Laboratory does not use paraben, phenoxythanol, synthetic coloring or fragrance or any other petroleum derivates in its products. Cattier does not test its products on animals.

Some famous products of Laboratoire Cattier are moisturizing day cream for sensitive skin, pink clay mask, shampoo with yogurt solution, renewing night cream, baby moisturizing cream, white clay scrub, soothing beauty lotion cleansing baby gel, geranium and sheabutter milk, dermopreotective shower gel, fruit acids milk, and gentle cleansing milk.

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