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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Dr. Haushcka Skin Care
Pioneers of certified natural, holistic, skincare from Germany for over 40 years.
Organic Skin Care
Uses the healing power of plants to bring body, soul & skin into harmony. One of the most trusted, authentic & inspiring natural brands the world over. The real deal.
Reason To Believe
Founded in 1967, Dr.Hauschka pioneered a new approach to high quality, holistic skincare. Based on the philosophy of care called anthroposophy, it uses natural rhythms of plants, our bodies & the earth to restore skin’s balance. The effectiveness of the products is underpinned by pure, high quality Biodynamic®, organic and ethically wild-harvested ingredients, many of which are grown in their own gardens.
Nurturing, thoughtful, & wise, this very successful company is committed to philanthropy! The current partnership with Heifer International supports training in sustainable economic and agricultural practices.

Dr.Hauschka Certified Natural, Holistic, Skin Care, Cosmetics & Organic Beauty Products

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